Pregnancy Progress Project

In 2018 I crocheted 27 fruits and veggies for each week of my pregnancy from Week 14 to 40! I called it my Pregnancy Progress Project! All 27 amigurumi patterns are available for free here on my blog! They make great play toys for when baby grows up!


Hi! I’m Ali and welcome to my blog! I thought I’d start off my blogging journey by sharing the largest and most meaningful crochet project I have ever done!

In November 2017 I became pregnant with my daughter. After suffering from a miscarriage earlier that year, I wanted do something to keep my mind at ease during the next 9 months. When I reached the second trimester, I started the Pregnancy Progress Project. Each week I designed and made a crochet fruit or vegetable that matched the size of the baby at that time. At 14 weeks it started with a lemon and it went all the way to 40 weeks with a pumpkin. In total I designed and made 27 fruits and vegetables!

Since the project ended in July of 2018, I’ve been slowing writing and releasing the patterns for the amigurumi foods and now I’ll be adding everyone of them to the blog! Each written pattern will have a corresponding video available on my YouTube channel!

This project let me see and hold something that was the same size as my growing baby and helped keep my mind positive and hopeful. Now that my baby girl is here, she has so many cute amigurumi toys to play with! I hope this project will be able to help someone else and even if you’re not expecting, these fruits and vegetables can be used for so many other purposes!

The Patterns

Here are the links to each Fruit or Veggie in order starting at 14 weeks with the Lemon! I hope you all enjoy these patterns!

14 Weeks – Lemon
15 Weeks – Apple
16 Weeks – Avocado
17 Weeks – Turnip
18 Weeks – Bell Pepper
19 Weeks – Heirloom Tomato
20 Weeks – Banana
21 Weeks – Carrot
22 Weeks – Papaya
23 Weeks – Grape Fruit
24 Weeks – Corn on the Cob
25 Weeks – Rutabaga
26 Weeks – Scallion
27 Weeks – Cauliflower
28 Weeks – Eggplant
29 Weeks – Butternut Squash
30 Weeks – Cabbage
31 Weeks – Coconut
32 Weeks – Cucumber
33 Weeks – Pineapple
34 Weeks – Cantaloupe
35 Weeks – Honeydew Melon
36 Weeks – Romaine Lettuce
37 Weeks – Swiss Chard
38 Weeks – Leek
39 Weeks – Watermelon
40 Weeks – Pumpkin

I shared this story on THN Life blog in 2018 so if you would like to read more in depth about the Pregnancy Progress Project and how crochet helped me through a very difficult time, you can find the post HERE.

Photos are property of Ali Wholihan and CANNOT be used or copied in anyway.

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