Basic Pumpkin Crochet Pattern

This crochet pumpkin pattern uses single crochet stitches and a simple construction to make a basic pumpkin! The Basic Pumpkin can be used as Fall and Halloween decor or to mark progress through pregnancy! This easy crochet pumpkin pattern is beginner friendly and makes for great gifts, home decor, or to sell at Fall markets!

Pumpkin crochet pattern by The Turtle Trunk

This crochet pumpkin is a quick, beginner friendly pattern, that uses only one basic crochet stitch! This basic pumpkin is perfect for Fall and Halloween decor, or even to mark progress throughout pregnancy!

Continue reading below to hear my inspiration for this pattern and to learn more about the yarn I used, then scroll down for the free written crochet pattern!

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The pumpkin is the 27th pattern for the Pregnancy Progress Project! A pumpkin weighs approximately the same size as a baby at 40 weeks of pregnancy! Not only is this a cute addition for tracking your pregnancy, but you can also use this for decoration during the Fall!

Pumpkin crochet pattern by The Turtle Trunk
Original Design! July 2018: 40 weeks pregnant!


  • This pattern is worked in the round, use a stitch marker to keep proper stitch count
  • Repeat instructions given between asterisks (*) until the end of each row or until instructed
  • The number in parenthesis at the end of each row states the total number of stitches to be worked in that row
  • Final Size: 8″ wide & 6.5″ tall


Abbreviations (US Terms)

ST(s) – Stitch(es)
CH – Chain
SL ST – Slip Stitch
HDC – Half Double Crochet
HDC2TOG – Half Double Crochet Two Together

Basic Pumpkin Pattern

Magic Circle, CH 1

Round 1: HDC x 9 (9)
Round 2: 2 HDC in each ST (18)
Round 3: *HDC in 1st ST, 2 HDC in next* (27)
Round 4: *HDC in 1st 2 STs, 2 HDC in next* (36)
Round 5: *HDC in 1st 3 STs, 2 HDC in next* (45)
Round 6: *HDC in 1st 4 STs, 2 HDC in next* (54)
Round 7: *HDC in 1st 5 STs, 2 HDC in next* (63)
Round 8: *HDC in 1st 6 STs, 2 HDC in next* (72)
Rounds 9-21: HDC in each ST around (72)

Optional: Add the black safety eyes and use your black crochet thread to create a smile.

Round 22: *HDC in 1st 6 STs, HDC2TOG* (63)
Round 23: *HDC in 1st 5 STs, HDC2TOG* (54)
Round 24: *HDC in 1st 4 STs, HDC2TOG* (45)
Round 25: *HDC in 1st 3 STs, HDC2TOG* (36)
Round 26: *HDC in 1st 2 STs, HDC2TOG* (27)

Stuff with Fiber Fill

Round 27: *HDC in 1st ST, HDC2TOG* (18)
On the final pull through of the last HDC2TOG in Round 27, change the color to green. Cut off the orange yarn leaving a 24″ long tail. Keep the tail at the front of your work (we will use it again later). See photos below.

Round 28: HDC2TOG x 9 (9)
Rounds 29-33: HDC in each ST (9)

Tie off green yarn leaving a 6″ long tail. Weave the tail through the last 9 STs. Pull tight and secure with a few knots. Weave in end.

Thread the orange tail with your yarn needle. Pull it straight down to the bottom center of the pumpkin, go through the center and up the the top of the pumpkin, coming out at the opposite side of where the strand originated. Pull tight to create a cinched segment. Pull yarn back down the pumpkin to the bottom center again. Go up through the pumpkin to the left side (between the two strands). Pull tight to create another segment. Continue until you have created as many segments as you’d like. I made 4 with mine but you can do as many or as few as you’d like!

Any you’re all done!

I hope you enjoyed the pattern for this crochet pumpkin! Be sure to show off your finished creation on Instagram and don’t forget to tag me @theturtletrunk!

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