Flower Facial Scrubbies Crochet Pattern

These crochet Flower Facial Scrubbies work up so quick! They’re great stash busters, because each flower only uses a few yards of yarn! Make as a set for a Mother’s Day gift or sell at Spring markets! There are so many different color combos you can use and these are perfect for a face cloth or makeup remover pad!

Flower Facial Scrubbies crochet pattern by The Turtle Trunk

Over the weekend I was playing around with all my scraps of Bernat Blanket Yarn, because I have a ton of it from previous projects! I have little bits of lots of colors so I have been trying to figure out a way to use it up! I came up with these cute, little Flower Facial Scrubbies! Since Mother’s Day is soon, I thought these would be the perfect gift for mom! These crochet flower facial scrubbies work up SO fast and you can make them in so many fun colors!

To use, just add water and use or also use with soap or even your favorite makeup remover or toner! They’re so soft and gentle on the face ! They’re a great replacement for disposable cotton rounds and much more environmentally friendly too! Bernat Blanket Yarn is the perfect yarn for these as it’s so soft and comfortable on the skin. It can also be machine washed and dried which is a must for me!

I hope you enjoy the Flower Facial Scrubbies crochet pattern! Continue reading below to hear my inspiration for this pattern and to learn more about the yarn I used, then scroll down for the written pattern!


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Flower Facial Scrubbies crochet pattern by The Turtle Trunk


Over the past few years I’ve used quite a bit of Bernat Blanket Yarn, like for the Avocuddler, Avocuddler Mini, Lemon Cuddler, and Lime Cuddler. I always have a little bit left over after a project, but not quite enough to make a full item, so I stash those scraps away! Well, my scarp basket was getting quite full so I needed something to use all these random bits on!

Since it’s almost Mother’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate to usr these scraps for flowers! Since flowers come in such a large variety of colors, al my scraps would be perfect! I landed on a facial scrub because Bernat Blanket Yarn is so soft and really gentle on the face. And mom deserves to be pampered, so who wouldn’t love a beautiful, colorful, spa set! You can make as many of these as you’d like and even pair it with a nice soap, makeup remover, or toner as a beautiful gift set!


Obviously I used Bernat Blanket Yarn for my Flower Facial Scrubbies but I did also try Yarn Bee Cozy Occasion from Hobby Lobby and it’s exactly the same as Bernat Blanket Yarn! These yarns are super soft and machine washable and dryable so they’re perfect! If you wanted to try using 100% cotton yarn, I would double up on it. It will make for a smaller, thinner, and not as soft of facial scrubby, but cotton yarn does work well with absorbing water! I would try and find a soft cotton yarn like, Hobby’s Lobby’s I Love This Cotton so it’s comfortable not he face!

You can also make these Flower Facial Scribbies is any variety of colors! Make in one color or two, and make a variety set or all matching! I made my original Flower Facial Scrubbies in neon colors and white, but I also tried a more neutral set with cream and mustard yellow and I love them all!

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Follow along with the video tutorial on YouTube!



Finished Size



  • This pattern is worked in the round. Work the 1st SL ST of round 2 into the 1st SC from the previous round.
  • Instructions between the brackets [  ] are to be worked all in the same stitch.


Abbreviations (US Terms)

ST(s) – Stitch(es)
SL ST – Slip Stitch
CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
DC – Double Crochet

Flower Facial Scrubbies Pattern

Starting with COLOR A

Magic Circle, CH 1

Round 1: SC x7 inside the circle
Change to COLOR B on the final pull through of the last SC

Round 2: [SL ST into the next ST, CH 2, DC, CH 2] repeat in each ST around for a total of 7 petals. SL ST into the 1st ST of the round.

Tie off yarn and weave in all ends on the back.

And you’re all done!

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