Brecken Basket Crochet Pattern

The Brecken Basket is an easy crochet basket pattern that’s sturdy, modern, and beginner friendly! It features bold, contrasting stripes, 2 side handles, and a solid and sturdy structure. This pattern uses 2 strands of super bulky yarn and a large hook so it’s durable and it works up quick.

Orange, black, and white striped crochet basket sitting on a table with yarn and plant behind it.

The Brecken Basket crochet pattern is my first pattern release of 2022! Yay! This release is extra special because this pattern is being shared over on the Clover USA blog! If you want to read a bit about the design, the yarn I used, and the inspiration behind the pattern continue reading below! Or head straight over to the Clover USA blog for the free written pattern CLICK HERE!

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If you’re like me, there’s no such thing as too much storage! I have plenty of plastic storage bins, shelves, and boxes around my office to hold my things, but I wanted to design a crochet basket that was not only practical but beautiful too!

The Brecken Basket measures approximately 10″ x 10″. It’s designed to sit nicely on a shelf or desk, and be able to hold a multitude of things! It’s the perfect size for a handful of yarn skeins, some random knick knacks you want to hide away, of it can even be used as a plant pot cover!

Brecken Basket (crochet basket) holding a fiddle leaf fig plant on a shelf. Behind the basket sits 3 skeins of yarn and another plant.


This basket features contrasting stripes and a bold, third color around the top. The pattern instructions show how to make these fun color changes, but feel free to use as many (or few!) colors as you’d like! I think the Brecken Basket would look amazing in one solid color, two toned, or in a handful of colors! Have fun with it and make it fit with your home decor style however that may be!

I know lots of crochet baskets can be flimsy and floppy, but not the Brecken Basket! The Brecken Basket is super study and has a clean and neat structure. The base is strong and thick as well so you don’t have to worry about anything falling through! The Brecken Basket also features two side, slit handles at the top so you can easily move and carry around your basket!

Striped crochet basket sitting on a desk beside a plant and with 3 skeins of yarn sitting in front.


For yarn I used Lion Brand Yarn Hue + Me. Hue + Me is a bulky (5) weight yarn and for this basket I actually used two strands of it held together! Hue + Me comes in the most beautiful color ways! I highly recommend this yarn. For my Brecken Basket I used the colors Salt (white), Werewolf (black), and Saffron (orange). This color combination fit my style and decor perfectly! There are so many different color combinations you can create though to fit your own style and home!

You’ll need about 4 skeins of this yarn if following the same color changes that I did. That can be a bit pricey since this yarn is about $7 USD per skein from Lion Brand Yarn’s website then adding shipping on top. BUT Lion Brand Yarn is constantly having sales on their site so if you’re wanting the best deal, I highly recommend signing up for the newsletter or keeping an eye out for their next sale!

Using 2 strands together + Yarn substitutions

Like I said above, this pattern uses two strands of bulky weight yarn held together. This gives us the strong, sturdy structure! When working with two strands of yarn held together, you treat them as if they are one. For the main color (white), I used about 1.5 skeins of yarn total. Since I had to buy two skeins, I just pulled from each skein while I worked. For the two other colors (black and orange), I used less than one skein so I wound each skein into two equal balls. Using a scale and measuring the weight is the easiest way to ensure you’re getting the exact same amount of yarn in each ball.

If you’re not wanting to use bulky (5) weight yarn for whatever reason, you can try using one strand of a super bulky (6) weight yarn instead! I haven’t tested this so I can’t promise that the size and sturdiness of the basket will be the same, but theoretically it should work! Lion Brand Yarn Wool Ease Thick and Quick and Bernat Blanket Yarn would be fun, super bulky options to try! Note that if you are going to substitute for a super bulky yarn, that the yardage needed would be half of what the pattern calls for.

Striped crochet basket sitting on a desk with hands putting yarn inside the basket.

I hope you all enjoy the Brecken Basket crochet pattern!

Be sure to check out the free written pattern HERE on the Clover USA blog! You can also follow along with the video tutorial HERE on YouTube, or get the printable pdf HERE from Etsy or HERE from Ravelry! If you want to save this pattern for later click HERE to pin it to Pinterest!

Feel free to comment with any questions you have and let me know what you think of this design! If you want to show off photos of your basket, be sure to tag The Turtle Trunk on Instagram and Facebook so I can see!

Happy making!

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